Destination, Copenhagen


Copenhagen is the most populous city and the capital of Denmark. It also serves as  the cultural hub of the Scandinavian country. Popular for its number of great gourmet cuisines, Copenhagen has 15 Michelin starred restaurants, the most in the region.

This beautiful destination also has bubbling nightlife with nightclubs and bars staying open until 6 am or longer. On the fashion scene, Copenhagen Fashion week which is the largest fashion event in Northern Europe occurs twice each year.

It is truly one of the happiest places in the world!

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The Maasai of East Africa


The Maasai tribe are an ethnic group that live in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. Having a combined population of over 1million, they speak official languages of Kenya, Tanzania, Swahili and English. Their culture and lifestyle have attracted numerous visitors to Kenya and a fee is required for such visits to their villages.
Distinctive Clothing or dresses which always involve accessories are an identity to this nomad tribe. Hair styles are determined by superiority and rite of passage. For instance, warriors keep their hair braided while boys shave their hair two days before circumcision.
The typical diet of a Maasai used to be raw meat, raw milk and raw blood with some vegetables in most areas but as of today its cow’s milk, cattle and maize.

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Destination, Krakow


Krakow is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland which dates back to the 7th century. Situated on the Vistula River in the Lesser Poland region, It has been one of the leading centers of Polish academic, cultural, and artistic life.

Krakow is the main branch of Poland’s National Museum and the Czartoryski Museum which features works by Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt.

Also known as a city of Festivals, hosting over 100 festivals every year such as the Jewish Culture Festival (since 1990), Krakowskie Zaduszki Jazzowe (Cracow Jazz All Souls’ Day Festival, since 1954), Krakow Film Festival (since 1961), Music in the Old Krakow International Festival (since 1975), International Print Triennial held in Krakow (since 1966), and Festival of Street Theatres (since 1988).

Krakow was named the official European Capital of Culture for the year 2000 by the European Union.

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Malta traditions (Lace making)


Lace making is one of Malta’s most precious traditions. Originally associated with nobility, it is now considered a highly valued commodity.

Maltese lace was shown at The Great Exhibition of 1851 and it became popular in Britain. The style was copied by lace makers in the English Midlands, and it was one of the sources for Bedfordshire lace.

Lace is still made in Malta today. To ensure the survival of the craft, lace making is taught in Government trade schools for girls, while private bodies such as the Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce also hold special evening classes.

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Destination, Germany

The Schuhplattler is a traditional style of folk dance popular in the Alpine regions of Bavaria and Tyrol (Southern Germany, Austria and the German speaking regions of northern Italy) Its origin dates back to about 3000BC.

#ICAF2017 in Germany this October!


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Destination, Jamaica

Bob Marley Birthday Bash_Thumbnail others

Located in the Caribbean sea, it’s an island with different shades of colour and flavors. With a population of 2.8 million people, it is the third most populous Anglophone country in the Americas behind the USA and Canada.

Jamaica has a very rich culture which commands a strong global presence through its music genres such as reggae and raga that has produced world renowned musician, Bob Marley, its famous cuisine, the Jamaican jerk meat that has intrigued culinary enthusiasts and in the Sport of Sprinting which has also produced the World’s fastest man and record breaker, Usain Bolt!

Great experiences in this beautiful island country awaits all Visitors!  #ICAF 2017

Destination Germany

                                                                                                            #ICAF2017 this October
Germany is the seventh most visited country in the world,with a total of 407 million overnights during 2012. In 2012, over 30.4 million international tourists arrived in Germany with Berlin becoming the third most visited city destination in Europe.
Germany is well known for its diverse tourist routes, such as the Romantic Road, the Wine Route, the Castle Road, and the Avenue Road. The German Timber-Frame Road (Deutsche Fachwerkstraße) connects towns with examples of these structures.
Germany’s most-visited landmarks include e.g. Neuschwanstein Castle, Cologne Cathedral, Berlin Bundestag, Hofbräuhaus Munich, Heidelberg Castle, Dresden Zwinger, Fernsehturm Berlin and Aachen Cathedral. The Europa-Park near Freiburg is Europe’s second most popular theme park resort.
Germany is well known for such folk festival traditions as Oktoberfest and Christmas customs, which include Advent wreaths, Christmas pageants, Christmas trees, Stollen cakes, and other practices. As of 2016 UNESCO inscribed 41 properties in Germany on the World Heritage List.
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